more thoughts on inbetweenedness

i was just thinking more about that inbetweenedness stuff while i was playing around with a rubber band. It kinda relates to when you stretch a rubber band really far. That moment right before the rubber band snaps. How far can you stretch it? The moment before right before you push it beyond its limits.

But then I thought that doesn’t quite have the quiet grand beauty to it. And it made me wonder why.

Is the idea too forced to “see how far you can push the limits” or “go to the extreme”?

With the rubberband, it’s not about balance between two extremes. It’s just seeing how far you can go to one extreme. The beauty behind the rain on the sidewalk and the walking on a parking meredian is the swaying back and forth. The small intricaticies that occur in that small range.

Some of these intrcatices occur over a very short period of time or a very long period of time.

Walking across the parking meredian is an example of the very short. The short period of time is neat because it’s so condensed into one small moment. And capturing that extremely brief moment of flux.

The long period of time is neat, cuz the history of time is soo written into the visual record. The rain on the sidewalk. Or how one neighborhood blends into another. I like where our building is located because it’s right inbetween the big buildings of the loop and all the business, but yet also right at the beginning of the shopping district. Although, there isn’t that much gradientation, because there is a sharp border seperating the two…the river.

Oooo borders and espicially edges. Don’t get me started on those…

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