Art projects

McDonalds bag origami atop garbage can

Origami made from McDonalds bag

Transform your fast food paper bag into an origami creation that will change the way you eat food, and how you view your time. While sitting in the McDonalds next to the Trump Tower, I folded my McDonalds bag into an origami crane. Recycling fast food paper bags 99.9% of America throws away the fast …

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Moon rock 76055 found in sidewalk planter on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

Moon Rocks Found in Chicago

Printouts of moon rocks are being found across downtown Chicago. On the back of each printout reads: You Found a Moon Rock! This printout is the exact same size of an actual lunar sample brought back from the surface of the moon. Take a photo of your moon rock and tag it #moonrockfound I will …

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Puddle jumper with BuckyBall jumprope, photo in print by Jheppc

Fun with Buckyballs

A package of Buckyballs sits in the 1400 Gallery (my desk at the Tribune Tower). The gallery was showing an exhibit of 10 puddle jumpers curated from a list of 56 puddle jumpers from Flickr. One of the sales people walks over and starts playing with the tiny metal magnetic balls. He puts them on top of the puddle jumpers. …

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Alley Giveaway

Today Gapers Block featured a photo from my “Alley Giveaway” series.

1984 Enos Campbell and 1934 Paul Klee

Autograph Aesthetics

Walking around the museum trying to find artworks to match the autographs, the art on the walls felt like they belonged in a cardboard box in my apartment.

Wire person on a swing with string

View more photos in the “Get into the swing of…” album on the Spudart Facebook Page. About the “Get into the swing of…” series Little swings in public places. Swings are fun. We need more swings in places. These little swings have a figure enjoying the scene around him. It’s a reminder to people to …

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