Call to God: Prayers on sticky notes, left on public pay phones

About Call to God

I write a prayer on a sticky note and place it on a public pay phone.

By placing the sticky note on a phone, I hope to make the connection to the viewer that saying a prayer is talking to God. Plus it’s interesting to read someone’s note about what they would ask God.

Sticky notes are an interesting cultural item. Because they serve as vehicles for notes, reminders, doodles; basically dumping your brain out onto a small piece of paper. Hence, sticky notes has always been a great canvas for me.

With writing prayers on sticky notes, I find it helps me to really meditate on what i’m praying about. Sometimes I’ll flash through a point so fast, that I don’t give it enough thought. But writing them down on a sticky note forces me to slow down and really talk to God about it.

As this series has helped my prayer life, I would hope that it would inspire anyone who sees these in public to maybe talk to God too.

You can contribute too

This is a series on progress, I encourage anyone out there to also leave prayers with sticky notes on public pay phones. There’s a group on flickr called “Call to God: Sticky Notes on Pay Phones.” Feel free to join and submit your photos to this group.

Call to God: Chicago Police Officer Death

Call to God: Richard Francis Chicago Police Officer Death

Call to God: Iowa Floods

Call to God: Wisconsin flood

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Leigh Hanlon
13 years ago

Matt — I like the way you think. I wish more people thought that way. Leigh

13 years ago

I dig it…cool idea. i’m always looking at new ways to improve my prayer life, creatively photo things, and get out of my own coccoon.

13 years ago

salut ca va

13 years ago


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