you do anything crazy for 200220022002?

y’know as much as i’m a fan of this unique number and appreciate it’s palendromic and balanced nature, I think the moment between balance and unbalance is much more interesting.

Like when you’re walking on one of them parking lot concrete blockers. The moment right before you lose your balance completely. But if you walk across all balanced then it’s too boring and stagnate. And when you fall off completely, that’s also stagnant. But that brief moment of inbetweenedness where it’s not quite one way or the other.

It’s also kinda like when it’s raining. And there’s a roof. So one part of the concrete sidewalk is dry. And the other part of the concrete is darker from being wet. But the interesting part is where it gradiates from dry to wet. The inbetween area. Yeah, those are neat.

There’s lots of inbetween areas all around us. It’s something that i’ve been noticing since last fall, but just remembered it now. I think I’m gonna start shooting these and make a photo series out of it. 🙂

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