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I really don’t like pigeons. They are like rats with wings. Please DO NOT ever feed pigeons. They are disgusting animals that poop everywhere. I wish the city would get rid of all pigeons. Today at lunch they were flying swarms at me. It was actually quite humourous as it seemed like something out of Hitcock’s “The Birds”.

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i like pigeons. i like how they do a little dance when they walk. Y’know. that head bob thing they do. oh yea. get down. get down, you crazy rat-winged creature. uh huh!

Monique Beaupre
Monique Beaupre

I’m not too found of Pigeons, I live in a apartment with a balcony and they make a mess everywhere. They treat my balcony as a motel and make lotas of noise. My question is besides owls is their a smell or plant that they do not like so they can leave my outside homw.


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