2002 a palendrome year

Next year 2002 is a palendrome. You can flip the number around and it still spells the same thing backwards and forwards. What will that spell out for the year? A balance of good and evil? Will G.I.Joe and Cobra get along? Will the autobots live peacefully with the Decepticons? This palendromic year thing only happens like once every 110 years, except when we have a century shift. So we are a lucky generation that gets to experience two palendrommic years so closely. Hmm, what happened in 1991? I dunno that was a blaze of high schooledness of blending in with the walls. But the Twins did win the world series in 1991. Perhaps major league baseball should be wise and not kill off the Twins, because they are due to win in the palendromic years. And PLUS GET THIS! It would make total sense that the twins would win the world series in palendromic year, because the very nature of a palendromic year implies a dualism…a dualism inherent in the twinism.

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