Year: 2002

squirrel conversation

here’s an instant message conversation I had with my twin brother about yesterday’s quote with squirrels and their highways.

squirrel highways

Telephone and electrical wires are the urban highways in the sky for squirrels

Joe Martin folder

This piece appears in the 2003 Graphic USA Design Annual. Joe Martin creates three comic strips: Mister Boffo, Cats with Hands, and Willy n’ Ethel. All of the past sales folders we have done for comic strip creators focuses on just one strip. Joe is very eccentric had has three strips, holding the Guinness record …

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darth vader

did darth vader ever shoot a raygun in the star wars triology?

another ripoff soda pop contest

Dr. Pepper Armchair quarterback challenge states you could win up to $1 Million plus 1 of 100 Jeep Wranglers. However to enter, you have to hand print your name, address, phone # and age on a 3″x5″ card and mail it! MAIL IT? ppph, yeah right. Looks like Dr. Pepper doesn’t a large number of …

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autumn is here and I’m doing my Andy Goldsworthy impression.

ban all coconut chocolates

You have a nice box of chocolates. You carefully pick a chocolate. With great anticipation and curiousity you bite into it only to have your mouth full of the awful texture of coconuts! Ban All Coconuts in Box of Chocolates worldwide! Join us in our crusade. In addition to my Carrot Cake Boycott club, I …

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voting suggestion

After I voted this week, I thought that voting ballots should have questions specifically about issues. i.e. do you support a war on Iraq? A problem with voting for candidates is that you can never find one that fully supports your beliefs. But voting for specific issues makes people feel like they are actually being …

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Peaceful protest in Chicago

Due to the large showing presence of the Chicago Police, the annual world protest was a peaceful one. I like how some of the police were so decked out that they looked like Galactic Storm Troopers from Star Wars.

eyeballs emoticons

some eyeballs i made up when i was writing an email to a friend about the Chicago Tribune’s new 18-34 newspaper, RedEye: (.) (.) watching (o) (o) alert (O) (O) on caffiene (-) (-) sleepin (x) (x) dead (^) (^) happy (‘) (‘) looking up -( )-( )- glasses (=) (=) squinting (@) (@) drunk