fun metra

Metra trains should have one car designated for entertainment.
* TV with movies or tv shows playing
* Live entertainment
* Board games, play a game of monopoly with a stranger
* Discussion groups with certain themes
* Vacation picture sharing
* Book club

Any other ideas? (and i’m not talking about the normal, bring a book or a cd player). It can just be so darned boring riding the dull train for an hour and fifteen minutes each way.

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laura k.
laura k.
21 years ago

just one car? it would be MOBBED.

how about a nap car? where you post a sign outside the door indicating your stop, and the conductor would come by and wake you up in time so you wouldn’t miss it.

amy beth
24 years ago

a grandmas only car.

21 years ago

I remember reading something about the commuter trains out to Long Island having bar cars

21 years ago

definitly needs to be a doctor car… because then if something horrible happened they wouldn’t have to cause a chaotic mess of things by screaming “IS THERE A DOCTOR ON BOARD” they could just go to the doctor car grab the nearest one (who cares that he’s a proctocogist not a heart surgeon) and save the day……….unless of course there was a crash and though the entire train was in bad shape the doctor car was the most badly damaged and the doctors could not possibly help the others.

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