2002 vs. 2003 the battle royale of years

I loved 2002 for a year. So symmetrical so neat. 2003 is just confused. I can’t wait until 2004, that sounds more fun than 2003. 2004 implies multiplication. Now if we could jump up to 3003, that would rock. What’s 1,000 years? It’s nuthin.

But I really like 2003 as 03. Not only is three my lucky number, but it just looks more bad a** with the zero in front. Yeah, bring on 03.

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21 years ago

I had a co-worker in 2000 that came up with an interesting theory: if the “0” in “03” is just a placeholder, then why write it? The date should instead look like: 11/8/2. Think of all of the hours you could save yourself by not writing that first digit over the course of an entire decade!

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