Worst Case Scenario

I was considering purchasing the “Worst Case Scenario” Game. It seems like a fun game with interesting questions, but after reviewing an opened box at Restoration Hardware, I found that I was very unhappy with the cards in the game.

When you play Trivial Pursuit, part of the fun is when you are reading off the question to your opponent, that in your mind you try to think of what the answer would be. You flip the card and then you see the answer and think, “oh I was right” or “oh I was wrong” or “oh they will never get this”.

But with the Scenario Game, the card posts the question and three multiple choice answers all on one side. The correct answer is in bold. Now this is no fun to read the question, because you immediatley know the answer as you read it. There’s no guessing for the question asker.

Plus the board itself is a very boring start to finish game. Board games are much more interesting when you have to travel around the board many times.

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laura k.
laura k.
20 years ago

yeah, like space shuttle 101 or solarquest! you go around and around, back and forth.

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