Magnifying text on a computer screen

The screenshot tool is so incredibly handy tool. (also known as screen capture on Windows). With the Mac, if you hit command-shift-4, you get a crosshairs to click and drag the area you want to capture.

Today I accidentally dragged the cursor over a very very tiny section of my screen. Just 12 pixels by 10 pixels.

The preview screen on my Mac displays this file as much larger:

Looks a little bit like an eyeball. But instead it’s just a bit of text. The MacOS makes the image a bit fuzzy when blown up.

Here’s the file in photoshop blown up:

Look at how the aliasing in the pixels gradiate in hue from a nice simple brown up to tan then to a light yellow, eventually reaching white.

Typography on computer screens so cool. Over time people had to figure out how to make text look nice on a screen. With all these pixels getting softer at the edge, using other colors to display simple black text.

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