When Spotify thinks you enjoy elevator jazz music

Every week Spotify makes a custom playlist of 30 songs just for you—based on what you listen to. It’s sort of like a close friend making a very personal playlist for you. In fact, it’s even more personal in a way, because this weekly discover is not what your friend likes. It’s based on what YOU like. This playlist speaks about who YOU are.

I love hearing the Spotify’s analysis of my personality every week. This week surprised me a bit.

Discover Weekly with Elevator Jazz Music

The first song in my Spotify playlist “My Discover Weekly” is: “Elevator Jazz Music Fashion” by the artist Elevator Background Music Classics.

Elevator Jazz Music Fashion by Elevator Background Music Classics

Srsly. Spotify is recommending elevator jazz music to me.

I’m not saying Spotify is trying to push elevator music. The surprise is more that I must be listening to music that would have caused Spotify to recommend it to me. What am I listening to that would make this happen?

Spotify is being really clear with their suggestion that I’ll like elevator jazz music.

  1. The actual title of the song has the words “Elevator Jazz Music”. Very clear. THIS. IS. ELEVATOR MUSIC.
  2. And in case you missed the title of the song, the artist has those words too! Elevator Background Music Classics. Not some creative band name. A very literal name.
  3. This is the FIRST song in the playlist. The elevator music is not buried within the other 29 songs. It’s right up front. Proud and loud. Elevator music by Elevator music—first position.

Spotify has taken my music listening into consideration, the end result is ELEVATOR MUSIC.

And since this is in my Discover Weekly, I feel like this is saying something about my personality for the past week. I am elevator music.

Well, is that really so bad?
Elevator music is calming.

This is my third week of being a father to my second daughter. Maybe the music I’ve been listening to speaks to my super-dad abilities of being able to put my two-week-old daughter to sleep instantly. Just this morning, my wife woke me up at 5am, asking me to watch her on the changing table. As with any newborn on the change table, she was crying. But then I gently stroked her neck with my finger. Instant calm.

I am the embodiment of elevator jazz music.

And you know what? I actually listened to the entire song, and didn’t mind it. You know what, Spotify? I do enjoy elevator jazz music! My life has just taken a pivot.

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