Tracks’ release dates on Spotify

When you find a new song on Spotify, how do you know if it’s a new song or one from ten years ago?

A radio station that plays entire albums

In an age of streaming singles, imagine a station that celebrates whole albums, providing insights between songs. It’s a deep dive into the artistry behind the music. 📀🎧

Long exposure of snow, long album about winter

Ever wondered what the quiet of snowfall sounds like? 🤫 I paired a serene snow scene with the minimalist music of Philip Glass, John Cage, and Arvo Pärt. Read my blog for a journey into winter’s whisper. ❄️

Vertigo sneaks up on you

Since I’ve had vertigo a couple times in the past two months, it’s a little odd that the very first track in my Spotify Discover Weekly is a track named “Vertigo“. I rather like it too! Although, I would say that this song is not at all like the experience of having vertigo.