Be seen in the background of Chicago’s free classical concerts

Do you relish the experience of indulging in live classical music performances? I mean, who wouldn’t? There’s something incredibly soothing, sophisticated, and graceful about it. Yet, attending these highbrow concerts often requires a hefty financial investment. But what if I told you there’s a secret series of concerts where you can enjoy world-class classical music without spending a dime?

In Chicago, every Wednesday at 12:15pm, the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts are performed live in the Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist on Wacker. The concert series is broadcast live on the radio through WFMT.

Can’t attend in person? You can watch it live stream on YouTube or Facebook!

What makes this series even more delightful is the way the camera captures the audience. The venue is often far from full, allowing you to saunter in and pick any seat that catches your fancy.

During the live stream, observing the audience can sometimes be as captivating as watching the performers. Take, for instance, today’s show—there’s this gentleman with white hair and a black shirt, completely engrossed in the music. His mouth slightly ajar, he sits perfectly still, profoundly moved by the impact of the melodies.

One of these days, I will take a day off to sit in that background during a livestreaming concert, so I can be part of the performance. I’ll bring my Mr. T homemade Cabbage Patch doll with me.

I’ll have to strike the perfect balance of being an entertaining audience member, yet, not stealing the show. Nobody wants to see an idiot in the back while beautiful music is being played.

Perhaps, just holding Mr. T and occasionally letting him turn around to glance at the audience during the most dramatic moments of the music would be enough.

It wouldn’t be the first time my Mr. T doll has photobombed something. My Christmas card last year included an “Easter Egg” of Mr. T driving a Cozy Coupe.

In the spirit of Mr. T, let’s give Bing’s new Image Creator a prompt with Mr. T: (homemade Mr. T cabbage patch doll). You’ll get something very impressive like this:

Add some more details in your prompt: (homemade Mr. T cabbage patch doll leaping from the A-Team van in Chicago) You’ll end up creating a life-size mascot!

It’s my dream that one day, these two worlds—classical music at the Hess Concerts in Chicago and the adventures of Mr. T—will collide. Perhaps soon, you might spot Mr. T in the live-stream or, better yet, at the concert venue itself. Hope to see you there!

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