Mr. T

Mr. T puffy stickers from the 80s

One of my coworkers got me some vintage puffy stickers of Mr. T. They are so classic. Thank you kristi! Here’s one of my favorites:

Mr. T pushing a Dell 3100cn printer box

Huge box for Mr. T

Speaking of big stuff from yesterday, my color laser printer arrived. It’s so huge! It came in a 32″ long x 22″ wide x 22″ high box weighing in at 88 lbs. Mr. T was having quite a hard time moving it around my apartment. In-depth research on color laser printers coming soon. One quick …

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Mr. T’s birthday

Today is the birthday of Mr. T. (May 21, 1952) Happy Birthday, foo!

Mr. T on art

go to the link on this page for Mr. T on art.Mr. T: The Toughest Sounds In The World

Mr. T, croquet and duct tape

Amazing, I found a site that has Mr. T, croquet, and Mr. Potato Head all mentioned on one page!!! And here’s one with: Mr. T, croquet, and duct tape

It's a Mr. T Christmas card, 2000

Mr. T Christmas card 2000

While in Chicago during Christmas, Mr. T lost his shoe. Help him find his shoe in the many photos of Mr. T in Chicago at! I bought a handmade Mr. T doll off eBay in 2000 as a joke. The amount of detail is quite surprising on this doll. Apparently someone in the 80s …

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