Degas in 360-degree stitched photo

Stand right in front of a Degas pastel drawing, and try photographing a 360-degree photograph with multiple-stitching. You get some fun results with how the application auto-stitches the exposures together.

Warped Edgar Degas, "Ballet at the Paris Opéra"

Normally, 360-degree panorama apps like this are meant to photograph a larger scene outdoors, or maybe even a room. On my iPhone I use 360 Panorama by Occipital, Inc.

360 Panorama iOS app

Here’s what the room in the Art Institute looks like when photographed standing in the middle of the room.

360-degree view of Prints and Drawings Gallery 242, in Art Institute of Chicago

It kinda works. But the artwork gets really small.

So I decided to stand right in front of one of the artworks and start the stitching. Like, 12 inches away from the artwork. I didn’t bother finishing the 360-degree stitching. Here’s the uncropped version:

Uncropped version of the unfinished 360-degree photograph of Edgar Degas, "Ballet at the Paris Opéra"

The result is kinda fun. I might try more of this in the future. Maybe next time I’ll continue to shoot the entire surround with the artwork really close on one side.

And for those curious, here’s what the Degas drawing, “Ballet at the Paris Opéra” actually looks like:

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