human body releases gravity while sleeping

After getting very little sleep, gravity feels really heavy on me this morning. Here’s a theory: As we sleep, our bodies release gravity. We almost always sleep horizontal, because it enables us to have more surface area to release gravity from our bodies.

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19 years ago

it looks like a pile of poop to me. the wavy lines represent two things: 1- the poopy smell (the lines are being distributed from the pile of poop.) 2- something to do with the power of gravity. (the lines are being distributed from the word “GRAVITY”.) so we have this strange duality of the wavy lines being sent from the pile of poop and from the word, “GRAVITY” above the poop. i am spell-bound.

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

What smells? OH! It’s the poop in the illustration above. I’m not excited about it, I’m just glad to know where it’s coming from.

19 years ago

that is the funniest drawing in the world. it kinda looks like the person is laying facing down. that’s not the best way to sleep. those lines represent the stink coming off of my feet right now!

19 years ago

I think your theory is completely flawed, if we RELEASE gravity during sleep, then why is it so hard to get out of bed in the morning?!

Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

I have to agree with Kara…Maybe our bodies absorb gravity while we sleep.

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

gravity is not a thing. it is relative. it is the impact of the mass of one thing onto another thing. it is a force. therefore a person cannot release gravity or absorb it. gravity stays within the larger body (in this case, the earth) and pulls at smaller bodies (actually the smaller bodies pull at the larger bodies too, but that impact is canceled out because the larger bodies’ pull is greater). cool graphic though.

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