Year: 2003

New nickels unveiled

U.S. Mint to unveil new nickel designs. It’s interesting they chose to release two different designs. Perhaps to go with the phrase “rubbing two nickels together.” What does that phrase mean?

hard candy sucks

Who likes hard candy? It sucks. (a bit of a pun there, cuz you have to suck on hard candy to eat it)

I’m a fly (insect) for halloween

i’m going as a fly or maybe a spider. I got these foam tubes from home depot that I’m using as legs. And got strainers for eyes. I need a black shirt to attach the tubes too. (the tubes are flexible foam, about the diameter of a toilet paper roll, and about 4 feet long) …

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good guess! thanks!

the universal answer… “good guess! thanks!” it can apply to anything.

America 24/7 national book published

The America 24/7 project that I participated in May is now publishing the national book (which I did not get in). I thought they were going for more straight-on human shots, but based on their state examples, it’s pretty even: * 48% directly feature a person * 26% has a teeny-tiny person, or someone in …

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Gimme some skin

Remember the phrase, “Gimme some skin”? And instead of slapping five, you’d slide your hands across. (conversation with Dave the dog)

Rubber band art

There are no websites that feature rubber band art. What a shame. I shall soon have to correct this oversight of the internet. If you have any rubber band art, please let me know in the comments. Thank you.


I’m organizing my bookmarks in explorer, and I’ve found that I got 2,173 bookmarks. How ridiculous is that? To find out how many bookmarks you have, export them into a text file, and then do a word search for like, “href”. My twin brother has 4,120. He says he uses 3,000 of them daily. How …

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IM away messages logged on blogs

It would be cool if away messages on instant messengers could be logged onto a blog. Some people always have a different message up and it would become like an archive of what you do.

badminton world championship?

Can you imagine being the badminton world champion? I bet you would have to really kick some a55.