UFO Shooting Camera

View this %%265-6561_IMG_400.jpg]image and answer this question:

A) Does this toy shoot out discs that look like UFOs


B) Does this toy shoot discs at UFOs?

inspired by mindbending power of the alien, David Rothkopf

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20 years ago

I would say A, but a kid would have to be fairly quick to be able to push the ejection button and then snap the picture. I think it would be fun to have a series of pictures where the disk hit people in the nose and the reaction they have.

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

B. It shows it right there on the package. The kid is shooting the rings at the UFO

Billy O'Keefe
20 years ago

It clearly can be used to shoot UFO-shaped discs at UFOs so (C) all of the above

20 years ago

It is a weapon of war against UFOs. This battery operated menace shoots soft dics at a press of a button. It is a little-known fact that UFOs HATE soft discs. It is the only thing known to destroy them. Humans have tried shotguns and such, but UFOs scoff at this attempt. But the UFOs scatter in great fear when they see a child yielding a battery operated UFO shooting camera that shoots soft dics at the press of a button. Look at the arrogant confidence displayed in the child on that package. He’s not even looking at the UFO as he is firing off his soft discs. And judging from the jet stream that the UFO is putting off, I’d say that UFO is sh***ing a brick right now.

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