Top Ten Favorite Movies

* Encino Man

* Transformers the Movie

* Saving Silverman

* Star Wars (seems like a basic thing to have on this list, I wish i could list a most fav of the series, but they all weigh pretty equal… wait no. Return of the Jedi is probably my least fav of the first three)

* Some movie where a guy who is blind regains his vision temporarily. (saw it a couple years ago)

Hmmm, that’s five. I’m struggling trying to add more. There are other movies that I liked, of course, but not enough to call a “favorite”.

Oh, let’s add these:

* Tully (Julianne Nicholson. Need i say more?)

* There’s something about Mary (funny and sweet)

* Armageddon (i like the over-the-top action movies like this)

Maybe a trip to Blockbuster this evening will jog my memory.

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20 years ago

Saving Silverman?!?!?! Oh Mattbot…I am speechless. 🙂

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

Your list worried me a little until we had lunch, though i still refuse to see any movie with Elizabeth Shue. Tom’s Top 10 [Modern”> 10. Bottle Rocket 9. The Ice Storm 8. O Brother, Where Art Thou? 7. The Terminator 6. Beautiful Thing [British”> 5. Mad Max [Australian”> 4. A.I. Artificial Intelligence 3. Delicatessen [French”> 2. Silence of the Lambs 1. Fight Club This list is constantly in flux, I prefer a top 50 list, but please know that the top 3 haven’t changed since Fight Club came out.

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