Year: 2003

Tribune windows crack as Cubs fans hearts shatter

After the heart-breaking loss of the Chicago Cubs, it was time to take down the huge night window sign on the Tribune Tower, home of the Cubs owners. As the Tribune engineers removed the half-inch thick gatorboards, they discovered that many of the %%278-7857_IMG_400.jpg]windows had cracked due to the black boards warping in the warm …

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Thomson Stock Reports sell sheet

The look is picked up from the Insider Trading folder I did previously. Except this time, the twist is using the orange as the dominate color to differentiate the pieces a bit. Client: Tribune Media Services: News & Features department Fonts: Officina Sans and Officina SerifFront: Back:

old twenty dollar bill no good by saturday

hey, with this new $20 bill, all of the old bills will no longer be valid by this saturday. You can just send them to me and i’ll take care of disposing of them.

where is the bouncing ball shooter?

I simply cannot believe that the following phrases do not exist on the internet: * bouncy ball catapult * bouncing ball catapult * bouncy ball gun * bouncing ball gun * bouncy ball shooter * bouncing ball shooter

KRT Campus brochure

KRT Campus provides top-notch news, sports and entertainment content to college newspapers. The copywriter and I came up with a bunch of funny ideas for this brochure to target the college audience, but the client wanted something that speaks to the serious college journalist. But yet, it had to be cool and hip. So the …

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rock star nap

my new phrase, i want to take a “rock star nap”