Year: 2003

Black & white film vs. digital

Instead of shooting digital photos with a dinky camera, why not shoot black and white with a SLR? Film can cost under $2.00 a roll. You’ll get super high quality. They say that digital cameras will have to be 12 mega-pixel to get the equivalent of 35mm. I’m thinking of setting up a photo lab …

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Poem for the neglected elevator

Oh neglected elevator smells of dead alligator. Graphitti scrawled on the wall looking like a urinal stall. Inside we stand so nervous did the elevator just go out of service? Will someone please lend a hand for this elevator that once was grand.

Ode to Elevator

Oh elevator, so nice and clean. Oh elevator, no clutter to be seen. No papers, no shoes No clutter, nor booze. Just a pure smooth machine giving us efficiency

Vote in the loony poll: Most popular silly word

What is the most commonly searched absurd word? * absurd * bonkers * crazy * cuckoo * foolish * freaky * goofy * idiotic * insane * loony * odd * pyscho * silly * screwy * outrageous * wacky * wild (you can vote by leaving a comment, you psycho)

winter = no umbrellas

Yesterday in Chicago it snowed a bit. I’d much rather have cold and snow than 40s and rain. One of the many nice things about winter is not having to always have an umbrella on hand.

Must be great to live in Alabama

You always get to have your state first in the list of pull-down menu on the web.

Tickets for spelling errors on signs

In addition to tickets for complaining about cold weather, I’m gonna make up some tickets for public punctuation/spelling/grammar errors. We can sit here and complain all we want about how public signs have silly errors (which is always fun), but let’s actually do something about it by notifying those who made the signs that they …

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