I’m a fly (insect) for halloween

i’m going as a fly or maybe a spider. I got these foam tubes from home depot that I’m using as legs. And got strainers for eyes. I need a black shirt to attach the tubes too. (the tubes are flexible foam, about the diameter of a toilet paper roll, and about 4 feet long) Right now they are attached to foam core and i’m gonna cut holes in a shirt, and put the foam core inside the shirt and poke out the tubes. I might have to trim down the lenght of the legs. They are quite long. They are angled at a 45 degree angle upward from my body, so they project out and then hang down. oh! i could like, buy little gloves for the ends.

But, spiders are much more better than a fly. Nobody likes flies. They are annoying. And spiders are more halloween. But i got these strainers which make perfect eyes, and they just look like a fly.

* I got like, a hundred plastic flies, so i can hand them out or put them places, like i’m a breeding fly.

* And if i stand by a wall, i could be a “fly on the wall.”

* I could stick my finger in someone’s beer, and say, “there’s a fly in your beer.”

* I imagine alot of people saying, “schoo fly!”

* And i could use the yo-yo squishy balls. Very fly like.

Any more fly ideas?

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18 years ago

You could drink Chardonnay & then sing, “A Chardonnay in my black fly.” You could put a big red “S” on your shirt & be SuperFly.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Happy Halloween!!

18 years ago

That sounds like the makings of a pretty creepy costume! I assume we’ll be seeing pictures? :o) I’m at work now, dressed as a Cubs fan (no, not THAT fan; I’ve just got my MLB Authentic Collection jacket and cap on). My boss didn’t even think it was a costume — she thought I was just celebrating some kind of big day for the Cubbies, ’cause I’d go and do that. ;o)

laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

did you wear this to work?

18 years ago

I wanna see pictures ! Hopefully nobody told you to buzz off. 🙂

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Wait a minute…you were fly? or you were [i”>a[/i”>fly? Pictures!? HA! I’m still waiting for pics from last year when you were a caveman! Hope you had a great Halloween!

17 years ago

i love your work. keep it up!!

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