Soliders marching outside my window

There was a group of 200 or so %%271-7144_IMG_400.jpg]soldiers marching in formation on %%271-7135_IMG_400.jpg]Pioneer Court outside my window at work in the Tribune Tower in Chicago just 15 minutes ago. Half the soldiers, in blue were soldiers who were on their 5th week of initiation into the Chief rank. The other half where soliders in tan uniforms that were slacking around not in formation. The tan ones were already in Chief or higher rankings. Every year they do this Pride Day in Chicago to give appreciation to the new recruits. And according to one of the soldiers in tan, “next week is the final initiation, which we’ll have A LOT of fun with.”

The event on their t-shirts said: U.S. Navy Chief Pride Day 2003.

The photo here has them gathered around the September 11 artifact on the Tribune Tower. And marching across Michigan Ave toward the Wrigley Building. More higer-resolution photos are available, ask me about it at:

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