Increase productivity with Transformers in your dock

Mac OS X users, put your frequently-used folders in your dock where they are very handy. The only problem is that you get a dock full of identical folder icons. How to tell the difference?

Transformers to the rescue! Customize the icon for each folder with a transformer. The three volumes of icons are available via a search at Iconfactory for Transformers. (In the results, look under freeware).

Here’s what I’m using:

Applications (aliases to all my apps)

This is the guts of any computer. Ironhide is dependable and strong, just like applications

Apps startup (stuff I boot up in the morning)

This icon features “Blast Off.” I never heard of this transformer, but the name is certainly apt for startup applications.

Converted (for stuffing and photoshop actions)

Mirage was fitting for this folder, because he was known to convert from being an Autobot to a Decepticon.

Downloaded (I set the preferences in Firefox and Safari to both have them automatically save downloads to the “downloaded” folder. This helps to keep your desktop clean.

Soundwave works here, because I can just picture Soundwave downloading files. He’s the computer wizard.

Image Swipe (for when I steal images like cartoons)

Laserbeak was known for his stealth photos that he would shoot of the Autobots.

People (drop email attachments from friends into this folder. Within the “People” folder, I have one folder for each person.)

Bumblebee, the scout, is the transformer that relates to humans the most.

Postscript (whenever i print articles, i always do a postscript first so i have an archive of all the articles i ever print)

Ultra Magnus gets the postscript icon, because he was the Autobot leader after Optimus Prime. Like, post-leader.

Scripts (the Applescripts I use every week)

Devastator is powerful and destroys all in his path. My Applescripts are also very powerful and they just plow through my files, like it ain’t no thang.

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16 years ago

Where’s Optimus Prime in all this? He’s only the greatest Transformer ever! Soundwave is my favorite Decepticon. He’s slick. I have the Soundwave icon for my IM icon.

16 years ago

Great post! I especially love the various descriptions of why you used each icon for each function. Makes perfect sense to me! Glad you’ve enjoyed the icons, they were a blast to create.

16 years ago

do they bounce or transform when you click on them? if they transformed, THAT would be awesome…

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