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Optimus Prime spotted live in ROBOT form! (Transformers 3 movie Chicago filming)

Transformers 3 is filming outside my window at Tribune Tower. I’m capturing the highlights in HD video and posting them to Youtube. Actors carry around poles with the transformers face to represent the Transformers. Here two transformers are in this scene while Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have a dialogue inside a burnt-out car. Shia […]

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Optimus Prime uses eBay... for real, there is a optimusprime username on ebay

Optimus Prime uses eBay… for real, there is a optimusprime username on ebay

In the Transformers movie, Optimus Prime says that he used earth’s “eBay” to find the glasses imprinted with the Allspark’s coordinates. So I’m thinkin, there’s gotta be a user on eBay with the name Optimusprime. Sure enough there is: Being all geeked up, I took the courage to send a message to Optimus Prime: […]

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Transformers Transfigured: review

Chicago’s Review Aug 30 – Sep5: Tranformers Transfigured at Rotofugi. Summary: Nice effort, but disappointment. Cool stuff, but there were like only a handful. And they weren’t even of the real Transformers. They were of some Japanese anime robots. Granted Japanese anime robots are still cool. But they ain’t no transformers that *I* grew up […]

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