Fun with croquet

What is baseball, really? (part 2 of 4: thoughts on homeruns)

The celebrated homerun As the previous post mentioned, the main point of baseball is one of avoidance. You hit the ball where it escapes your oppoents to you have enough time to run around in a circle. Whereas other sports of like baskeball and football center around getting the ball into a specific place. But …

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Rutherford B. Hayes: 10th worst president ever

C-SPAN asked 65 presidential historians to rank the former 42 former occupants of the White House on ten attributes of leadership. My favorite leader–the croquet president–ended up being the 10th worst president ever. Hey, at least George W Bush is sixth worst ever.

Let’s go to croquet school!

Who wants to go to croquet school with me sometime next year in West Palm Beach, Florida? Summary America’s favorite croquet pros, headed by Bob Kroeger, teach this three day intensive course covering all aspects of our wonderful game. Held at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, this popular course is organized …

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Hammer’s half-court run in croquet

Here’s a classic from my video archives. My twin brother Erik “The Hammer” Maldre accomplishes the first ever half-court run in the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk by going through half of the court’s wickets IN ONE TURN! Here he celebrates his new record.

Develop an M-bomb

Ironic sans had a funny post that if he were the leader of a foreign nation, he would develop a bomb and call it the f-bomb. Then, “Then I‚Äôd get a little giggle every time it was reported in the news that my country is threatening to drop the F-Bomb.” Next time I play croquet, …

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Ideas for ceramics

Here’s some ideas of projects I’d like to take in my next ceramics class: 1) Funny trophies There are absolutely no trophies in the world with a statue of a croquet player. That must be fixed. 2) Chicago molds It would be fun to make quick molds of certain things that are very chicago-esque. L …

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DIY Croquet set from water bottles

You can make your croquet set out of plastic water bottles and dowel rods. Brilliant. Read the how-to at the DIY Network episode DIK-201. Surely this must make for the most lightweight croquet set ever. (other than mini croquet sets of course)

Trivia about Rutherford B. Hayes

Yesterday we learned that the 19th President of the United States (1877-1881) Rutherford B. Hayes is the least searched-for president online. But now he is my favorite, because he loved to play croquet. Here’s some more trivia about our nineteenth President of the United States (1877-1881): Hayes won the presidential election by the House’s electoral …

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Least searched-for U.S. presidents

Starting in 2007 the US Mint will be featuring presidents on the dollar coins. Every year four presidents will be featured in the order they took office. Which president is the least searched-for? I went to overture’s keyword selector tool that tells us how many times a term has been searched. Here’s the result for …

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