Croquet Coincedence

The official croquet of the Squirearchy is now made under the brand names of Wilson and Sportcraft. Amazing. Here’s the story no-point story:

hey! i found the croquet set for lisa. I went over to sportmart during work. There’s one by the rock-n-roll mcdonalds. It’s freakin 8 stories tall of all sportmart. It was my first time there and was very confusing. I like the single floor sportmart much better.

I called beforehand to see if they carry the official croquet set of the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk. They did not carry the Classic 444. But I went over there anyways. They carry a bunch of croquet sets much to my delight. I found out that the same manufacturer of the Classic 444 also produces sets under the Wilson and Sportcraft name. Both sets have some slight differences between the two. Wilson in black bag, Sportcraft in green bag. The decorations on the mallets are a bit different, but essentially the same set. So I opted for the more sportier Wilson model for $80 instead of the $90 Sportcraft.

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