this weekend hobby lobby

Went to Hobby Lobby with Lisa to order a custom mat for Lisa’s tiny todd marrone drawing. Something thick like 8-ply. I found a new yellow color burlap. Also looked at interesting boxes for under my bathroom sink, but none really fit. Found a wooden statue that I almost bought, so i could transform into a croquet statue. But priced at $17, it was too expensive. Lisa also looked at fabrics to redo one of her chairs in her bedroom. Some nice red fabrics. But she didnt’ buy any, because she didn’t have the dimensions of the chair with her. There was this family at the fabric cutting counter forever buying tons of fabric. And the family looked like they were from the farm, so maybe they were making their own clothes. They all looked very happy to be there.

Went to menards and home depot with lisa. Shopped for blinds for lisa’s living room window. At menards we discovered that one of us had misplaced her tape measure. Maybe I left it on a shelf at Hobby Lobby. At Home Depot, I bought Lisa a new tape measure. But the one we lost was a small tape measure, and Lisa already had a big one. But she didn’t want a small 3-foot measure. I think I”m gonna look out for a small tape measure that can go over three feet.

Lisa actually watched WWE confidential with me. Although it wasn’t really wrestling. It was more about the characters, and about how WCW fell apart. The show had a much more news-y/feature-y feel.

Then I watched some sport I never saw before, Slamball. Regular basketball court, but at each basket are huge built in trampolines that cover the entire zone. High flying action for sure. And lots of contact. But then there were some really odd rules too. You can’t do X while Y is doing Z while A is in zone B. Uh, yeah. They are having tryouts in chicago. Too bad I can’t play basketball.

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