Fun with croquet

My croquet photos on flickr

The highlights from my croquet photo collection are now featured on flickr. Right now there are 24 photos up. To learn more about the Chicago Croquet of Squirearchy, go to our site at:

Indoor Croquet beer bottle stabilizer

There’s always been the problem of how to make a wire croquet wicket to stand up on the floor indoors. The bright folks at Everett, Washington have developed the technology the beer bottle stabilizer to hold the wicket upright. BRILLLIANT!

Groundhog Croquet in a Video Game?!

Four years ago today on 02/02/02 the comic strip Groundhog Croquet was launched. It only featured two comic strips total, but it was a huge fan favorite. Now just a few days ago Dreamworks released a video game called “Over the Hedge.” According to Activision, gamers assume the role of characters including RJ the raccoon, …

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future posts on

Here’s eight posts that will be appearing on soon. √Ø Sock wrist fashions √Ø Mayor Daley causes power outage at Tribune Tower √Ø Talking on cell phone performance √Ø Big red streak across buildings like a photo √Ø Yu-gi-oh movie experience √Ø Yu-gi-oh is like croquet √Ø Human drive √Ø Amazing coins that change …

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Croquet sweater on ebay

There’s this fantastic croquet sweater on ebay. It’s so hilarious. Check out the back of the sweater. The guy is in a very interesting position behind the girl. Oh yeah! I would wear it to one of our croquet matches as a joke. The only problem is that the other person bidding on this sweater …

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Croquet Champion X4

Yours truly, the Mighty Mauler unified ALL FOUR championship belts of the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk. Check out this press photo.

12 funny American things to buy for July 4th

Patriotic Afro WigNothing like looking an All-American Fool Patriotic Potato SacksWhat is more American than USA and potatoes?! *stands up and sings* God bless America! Land that I love! Stand beside… Metal and Rhinestone Patriotic Flag RingsBling bling. Can you imagine a USA ring on each of your fingers. Hell yeah! You’d be like sucka …

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10 year high school reunion profile

Here are some of the things I put into my profile for my 10-year high school reunion Occupation: Graphic Designer for Tribune Media Services Hobbies: Art, ceramics, extreme croquet, getting lost, graphic design, illustration, learning, Macintosh, Mr. T., photography, programming, structures, teaching, tipping point, walking in snow, web design Favorite high school memories: Seeing Gorbachev …

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