Fun with time

Sense of self through memories

“Your sense of self is the understanding that yourself will remain the same through time.”

Capturing time

How in the world did this slow-motion video capture two moments at once? The cork just coming out of the bottle—AND—the moment when the cork hits the guy’s face? (look at the shadow on his shirt, you’ll see the cork hitting his face) How slow-motion video works When you imagine video being recorded at 30 …

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Einstein on time being a stubbornly persistent illusion

What is time? Shortly before his death, Albert Einstein wrote: “The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” What is the context of this quote? I accidentally came across a discussion about this quote in a podcast that appeared at the top of my Soundcloud stream: Carlo Rovelli — …

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Time shouts for joy

After making the last blog post, “A humidifier with water fills my heart with joy,” I was thinking that maybe it was too cheesey. But then the next day I across these verses in Psalms 65. It’s cool how even the hills have joy. The meadows and valleys shout and sing together with joy. Even …

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