Time shouts for joy

Notes on Psalm 65: shouting for joy

After making the last blog post, “A humidifier with water fills my heart with joy,” I was thinking that maybe it was too cheesey. But then the next day I across these verses in Psalms 65.

It’s cool how even the hills have joy. The meadows and valleys shout and sing together with joy. Even “the going out of morning and evening” shout for joy. Even time itself shouts with joy. Which is interesting for a couple reasons:

1) Time can sing.

At first it sounds like such an abstract concept–time singing. But any song has time in it. In fact, you can’t have song without time.

2) Time praises God.

Creation vs. Evolution. Creation is the mastermind by God’s design. All things are thought out, all the animals. All the different plants. All carefully designed by one master supermind.

With evolution, every thing is made by accident. Over time things get deformed and accidentally changes into something else. Which sounds rather crazy–that we’d get human intelligence by accident. The only way evolutionists can explain this is by tacking on billions and billions of years. “Of course anything can happen over a billion years.” People who believe in evolution worship time, not God. Time is their god.

It’s amazing here that even time praises God. Time bows down to God. Time loves God. Time shouts for joy to God. The very thing that evolutionists believe in–time–is something that worships God. For that matter, the hills and the mountains sing for joy to God as well.

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12 years ago

Looks like you got an ESV Bible there. ESV rocks. http://www.esv.org/about/intro

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