sliding down the picasso

The simple joys of public art

Does your city have touristy things that you’ve never done? Chicago has a lot of that. One of the tourist attractions is the 50 foot tall public art sculpture by Picasso. The angled base made of Cor-Ten steel makes for a great slide. Children are always running up the base and sliding down. I never …

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George the seahorse

What brings you joy?

What makes you joyful? Not just happiness. But joy. The comfort and pleasure of joy. We set out to answer that question a couple years ago in my bible study group. We were to write about what brings us joy. I missed the group that week, but I still wrote my joy story. I’m told …

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Time shouts for joy

After making the last blog post, “A humidifier with water fills my heart with joy,” I was thinking that maybe it was too cheesey. But then the next day I across these verses in Psalms 65. It’s cool how even the hills have joy. The meadows and valleys shout and sing together with joy. Even …

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The meaning of joy

The etymology of joy reveals that joy means to cause a person to be in a state of gladness.

“Overjoyed” what a weird word

“I’m so overjoyed!” can be read three ways: –It can sound like you are INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!! –You are being sarcastic. –You are being a smart butt, because the “over” part of “overjoyed” could mean you are sooooo over being joyed. Like, “over” as in “done with.”

A Poem For the Joy of Your Feet

Such sheer joy should not be allowed. My feet are wrapped in essence of cloud. Walking along pleased and proud, A new pair of socks they were endowed.