The incredibly accurate time machine that jumps into the future

Let’s say you have an event one week from today that you really want to be at. Now you can jump to the future and be at that event!

The only catch. This time machine is kinda slow. To attend an event one week from today, it takes exactly seven days to arrive at the event. But this time machine is very accurate. When you say you want to arrive exactly in one week, it will take you to that exact time.

One of the problems with other time machines is that you end up leaving people you love behind. Or you end up visiting your parallel self in the future. With this super time machine, everyone you know and love comes with you.

Come on aboard, we are moving ahead to the future! Let me know the time and date you want to go to, and i’ll enter that into our time machine. That’s another cool thing about our time machine. It’s able to handle multi-tasking and multiple event destinations.

SRSLY. Enter a time and date of when you want to be. And I’ll tell you how long it will take to get there.

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12 years ago


12 years ago

Pretty funny! Also, I have a time machine in my pants. 😛

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