11 questions for Chad Ochocinco about his aquarium bed

Questions for Chad Ochocinco about his aquarium bed

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My twin brother posted about Chad Ochocinco’s aquarium bed and I had so many questions for him, I’m going to make my questions into a blog post. Please please, read my brother’s post.

  1. Where are the bed sheets?
  2. Does Chad Ochocinco sleep without sheets? There’s a remote on the corner of the bed implying that bed is used. I can see not having sheets on the bed (maybe) because they wanted the photo to focus on the aquarium.
  3. Why include the remote?
  4. Does the remote control the aquarium?
  5. Does the remote feed the plants? (I see no fish).
  6. Also, what is up with the huge electrical outlet on the wall ABOVE the aquarium? It looks odd.
  7. What if one of the plugs fall out and into the aquarium?
  8. If you spend all that time and money on this custom aquarium, then why not take the effort to put the electrical sockets down below, out of sight?
  9. Also, this begs the question, does Ocho like to lay in bed and pretend he’s in the ocean?
  10. Does he imagine he’s a fish?
  11. If so, what type of fish?

I have many many questions for this Ochoperson. I want a tour so I may ask him these questions personally. Unlikelymoose is arranging a personal tour with me and this Ocho. If you’d like to join me, let me know in the comments below. Also, please feel free to leave more questions for the Ocho on Erik’s blog post, Aquarium bed.

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12 years ago

The answers to questions 1, 2, 6, and 8 are answered when you view the third photo in the link provided in my blog post. It shows the completed aquarium. The photo shown on your and my blog posts features the aquarium under construction. So there’s no bed sheets, no head board, and no lid above the aquarium. I chose the construction photo rather than the completion photo because the completion photo is blurry and the unkept bed makes the aquarium look less cool. I am alarmed by the large amount of electrical gear placed ABOVE the aquarium. For the saftety of Chad Ochocino and those living in his house (including the fish), I’m going to assume there’s an acrylic lid installed above the water to prevent the cables from dislodging and falling into the water.

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