Election results are like fantasy football

Watching the elections results come in on election night is like watching fantasy football about halfway through Sunday.

During election night they say, “22102 of the 88209 of the precincts are in. It looks like so-and-so is in the lead by xx points. The other guy needs xx points to get in the lead”

During fantasy football Sundays we say, “2 of the 8 players have played. It looks like so-and-so is in the lead by xx points. I need xx points to get in the lead.”

That’s why people like watching election results come in, it’s just like watching fantasy football and trying to predict the winner.

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13 years ago

Go Tokies!

13 years ago

live election updates via the iphone of which offices you voted for. that’d be very nice. It’s 2010. this should be possible already. I bet it’s possible in most European nations. Our nation doesn’t like government. Our nation would rather succumb to the self-focused profit-at-all costs-suffocation-of-the-middle-class greed of corporations.

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