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Buy Chicago water by the gallon

Chicago water

Chicago water is so popular that people bring it back home by the gallon. One of my friends at work told me about how an out-of-state relative of his requested that he bottle up a few gallons of Chicago water to bring back home. “They just love the Chicago water.”

People buy water from fresh mountain springs. How about people buying water fresh from Chicago’s Lake Michigan? I do have to agree that we have some fine water here. What should be the slogan for Chicago water? Here’s a few brainstorm farts:

  • The water that works
  • Water for the working person
  • City of big water
  • Second city, first-class water
  • Windy city, pure water
  • The official water of the Chicago Cubs

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10 comments on "Buy Chicago water by the gallon"

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Tom Saaristo

Chicago Water Works Chicago Water – Now with less sludge Chicago Water – Less stinky than Dasani Chicago Water – Makes your mouth water (stolen) Chicago Water – You’ll be asking for it. But I don’t think you should be drinking water directly out of Lake Michigan.


I can’t think of any slogans (yet). Does it explain on this blog how you feel about stealing ideas from it? I really like the virtual snowball fight.


ha, the water from my faucet traverses old pipes first so it’s decidedly less clear than yours… at least that’s not a city wide problem 🙂


The Water That Works is great!


I stole your SNOW FORT, not your tap water.

Marco Buscaglia

OK, I am the said defender of bottled water at work but only because the water that travels through Tribune Tower pipes is filled with rust, copper, Col. McCormick dust, etc. My Chicago water at home tastes 100X better than the swill at work. As far as water names, how about: -Lake Michigan Milk -H2chicag0 -Smelts Away! -Alewife Ale


i once lived in san diego and i must say our water is better…. but i didn’t know it was universally good. Is this true?! Like validated by some sort of reliable source?


Worked great for a few years, maybe 20 trips. Does not leak. I used it for water to wash or rinse dishes, not to drink.