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Installing new lights at Wrigley Building

Testing new lights at Wrigley Building Testing new lights at Wrigley Building

Last week, the historical landmark Wrigley Building was testing out some new lights in their courtyard. One of the workers told me that he was concerned that they were too big. I thought they looked just fine and told him that they match the decorative terra cotta very nicely.

The plan is to take down those ugly box lights seen in these photos. They kinda look like security cameras. It’s nice to see that some buildings still take the time and effort to find little details to fix and improve the historical look of their buildings. Hooray Wrigley Building!

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Tom Saaristo

Hooray Wrigley, indeed! The new lights look great. And they certainly aren’t too small.

Tom Saaristo

What was I thinking? Oh yeah, it was 6:30 in the morning ;o)

Tom Saaristo

NOW I remember … I was going to say: Too big? I don’t think so. If anything, I think they might be a tad small. ;o)


They also just ripped out all the courtyard sitting places.