What secret things could these ninjas do?


If I buy 48 of these ninjas from the dollar store, what should I do with them? A few responses from the Spudart Facebook Fan Page:

— I think you should place them around the city like your sticky notes.

— hide one in your best friends house, one or two a day every day for a month in different hiding spots.

I was able to find these ninjas via a Google alert I set up months ago for whenever the word “ninja” appears on dollartree.com. This alert sat dormant for months, and now it finally comes through. I just wish the ninjas didn’t look like Venom from Spider-Man.

Anyone have anymore ideas on what to do with the ninjas? Ninjas are secretive and perform secret missions. Maybe I when I plant them around, they could be doing secret-type stuff. What secret-type things could these ninjas do?

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11 years ago

I didn’t know ninjas wore such bright clothing… I thought the idea was to go unnoticed?

11 years ago

step 1: spray paint all of them either black or white. Ninjas are black or white. Not any of this yellow green blue nonsense. step 2: hide them in your local public library. Channel your inner ninja as so you will not be apprehended by library officials during your ninja relocation. step 3: try to find out what happened to your ninjas when they disappear. As in step 2, you must use wise ninja tactics to avoid being apprehended by scholarly librarians. about 6 months ago I would draw cartoons of photographs from library books and place the cartoons in random locations in a west suburban library. Sometimes I’d put them in the book return slot.

11 years ago

I think some librarians are actually a sub-class of ninja, so be careful with this. If you spray paint them invisible, not even the ninja-iest librarian would be able to detect them!

11 years ago

If it’s just invisible paint, you can find it by reaching into empty spaces on the paint shelf. Due to toxicity issues though, most places now have replaced the old “invisible spray paint” with “ninja invisible spray paint”. This new stuff actually tries to avoid detection and moves around. The only way to find it is to randomly punch and kick into the air while you’re walking through the store.

11 years ago

Ninjas don’t tag or mark their “turf”. They’re hired to carryout covert tasks. Tagging is the opposite of that. It’d be like Bruce Wayne putting up a giant “Batman lives here!” on his mansion.

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