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collection of photos of LEGO brick public art

LEGO bricks or limestone: which is more durable?

Old skyscrapers falling apart because of their limestone exterior. Over time the limestone becomes weak and crumbles. Restoration projects take quite some time to replace the damaged limestone. The Crains Communication building in Chicago is going through an extensive limestone removal process. The past couple months I’ve been watching the process outside my work window […]

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Does Christie’s think you are an art collector?

Ever look at items on a website and then have ads for that website follow you around other places online? Christie’s the high-end auction house is stalking me on the internet. “Click on Calder” a Christie’s banner ad asking me to bid on Calder sculptures starting at $3,500. This banner ad appears in my delicious […]

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Does anyone know of any books that are about the psychology/history/economics of questions?

Books about questions?

I love questions. Does anyone know of any book that are about questions? Specifically the history, science, or psychology of questions. Not a book with lists of questions. Nor lifestyle or career books. But books that talk about the nature of questions. I’m more in interested in the cultural study or more scientific approach to […]

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Is there a difference between cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary?

Cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary both sound like totally cool concepts. Intersecting different areas of thought to generate creative results. But what is the difference between cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary? I posted this question across the internet. The answers fell into two groups. 1) Interdisciplinary is study in two different disciplines. Cross is study in one discipline that […]

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1958 Topps Fence Busters # 212 - Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews

What is this mysterious yellow disc?

Giant yellow tennis ball is attacking Wrigley Field! What would that yellow sphere be? Ideas are explored on my baseball blog, Supernova at Wrigley Field captured in 1958 Topps baseball card. It’s a fun interdisciplinary blog post covering baseball, world history, pop culture, and science all from 1958.

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is this a bad piece of art?

What do you think of your old artwork?

Do famous artists feel weird looking back at some of their older artwork? Looking back at some of my college artworks, I realize how crappy they are. Even though I archive all my old work, there are pieces that don’t deserve to be archived. When it comes to famous artists, it seems that everyone has […]

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Dad says he liked it better when you had to communicate by mail, and you knew you wouldn

Have you been reading about the electronic superhighway?

The double-edge funny meaning behind this strip: 1) The internet is so new and different! What a difference 20 years makes. In 1993 Calvin was looking forward to what the internet could bring. He exclaims, “Pretty soon, computers, telephones, and tvs will all be hooked together to bring instantaneous, interactive communication right into our homes!” […]

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Ouch! These logos are like needles!

Who designed the Google logo?

What do all these logos have in common? They are all designed by Ruth Kedar of Kedar Designs. Notice how all the logos are very pointy. The sharp pointy aspects of Google’s logo has always been awkward. The serif on the G, g, and l are inconsistent in their treatment. The letter e is needlessly […]

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