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The ewok line

Why does Yahoo hate Ewoks?

Yahoo deleted my question, “Why do ewoks like croquet?” Everyone knows that ewoks love to play the game of croquet. They are woodland creatures, croquet only makes sense for them to play in their habitat. Ewoks are also extremely playful. They would play croquet all day long. Perhaps Yahoo think that Ewoks don’t like croquet. […]

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Wells Street Bridge Reconstruction

What could hold up such tremendous weight?

(Photo by ifmuth on flickr) Balance an entire bridge on a river barge? As if that wasn’t enough weight, why not prop some railroad cars inbetween? Those railroad cars must have some sort of interior structure to hold all that weight. How do you think the bridge is not totally crushing them like an aluminum […]

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totally wacked-out cabinet

Is it real if I can only see it from one viewpoint?

Ferruccio Laviani‚Äôs “Good Vibrations” is amazing. This is a real cabinet created to look like a warped scan. However, I‚Äôd like to see another photo with a different angle. Showing another photo will ruin the illusion, but it will also bring this cabinet into the realm of reality for the dimensional object that it is. […]

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1953 Jackson Pollock and 1993 Chuck McElroy

Has Jackson Pollock lost his power?

A selection of poem, “The New York School” by Joseph Bradshaw I can‚Äôt remember anything about the movie Pollock. I wish a bald Sigourney Weaver played the part of Jackson Pollock. That would make the film more memorable. I wish every Jackson Pollock was secretly a portrait of Sigourney Weaver in Aliens and you could […]

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one of the artworks I love

What is an artwork you love?

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago asks for an artwork that you love. Happy Valentine’s Day! What are some artworks you love? We’ll be tweeting some of our V day favs, like “The Kiss”‚Ä — MCA Chicago (@mcachicago) February 14, 2013 One of my picks is Arturo Herrera’s “Behind the House III” Reasons […]

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Primary power characteristic: light manipulation

What content marketing superhero are you?

This online quiz is eerily accurate. I have been affirmed in my superpower desire of light manipulation. The online quiz by fusionspark, “Which Content Marketing Action Hero Are You” says I am Visualizator. Rather fitting that one of his super powers is light manipulation. In 2007 I blogged about my most desired superpower, and it […]

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Together we

Dark optimism or bright optimism?

It’s weird how someone can call the phrase “Together, we’re fucked” to be optimistic. It’s a rather perverted look on optimism. Give Sarah Nardi’s article a read, “Artist Joel Fisher chooses to see the bright side.” The artist claims he’s focusing on the word “together” in “together we’re fucked.” Frankly, whichever word you emphasize in […]

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