Which 2011 Chicago mayor candidate supports the arts the most?

Rahm Emanuel, Pointing, With Chicago Flag in Background

Time Out or some publication did coverage on which candidate supports the arts the most. (excuse me as I forget the link, if anyone has it, please leave it in the comments)

They looked at if anyone in their family is in the arts. What memberships the candidate owns. They also asked each candidate what is their favorite cultural institution. Putting aside any preconceived bias, you want to know who I think had the best answers?

Rahm Emanuel.

  • He got a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School and was a dancer for a number of years
  • His wife was working at the Art Institute when they first started dating.
  • He was the House representative for my district when the Old Town School of Music moved in, and he says how he’s seen a neighborhood improve due to a cultural institution moving in. (this one is big for me, because it shows real impact and things he will do for our city).
  • He loves Redmoon Theater and Second City.
  • He frequently visits the Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Institute.
  • All of his children play an instrument.
  • His son has done theater over the past two years.
  • He supports Pilsen has become a hub for independent artists and small galleries.
  • He supports Ravenswood‚Äôs old industrial buildings as artist workspaces and administrative offices for some of the city‚Äôs small theater companies.
  • He plans on seeing neighborhood-based artistic communities grow across the city by prioritizing zoning and development funding for arts and cultural hubs.
  • He wants to restore the Chicago Art Expo‚Äôs rightful place next to the Basel Expo in Miami.

I challenge anyone to find a Chicago mayoral candidate that has more connections to the arts than Rahm Emanuel. He will be getting my vote.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

I concur. I think everyone should take the time to compare and contrast the candidates particularly on the issues that are the most important to them. By the way, you are also right about the article being in Time Out Chicago I have the link if you’d like it. I think including it is preventing me from posting.

Kristina Jarosik
Kristina Jarosik
13 years ago

Especially with the resignation of Lois Weisburg. And the merging of Cultural Affairs with Special Events. We need a mayor supportive of the arts.

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