Why do college sports fans hate the Big Ten’s smart new logo? (and how to fix it)

fastcodesign tweeted:

Why Do College Sports Fans Hate the Big Ten’s Smart New Logo (by @PentagramDesign)? http://bit.ly/hRIHNc

My response:

Because these same college sports fans aren’t smart to begin with. Note, I’m not saying all college sports fans aren’t smart, I’m just saying the ones who think it took 25 seconds to make. Although, I have to admit, I don’t like college sports. But if the stupid fans don’t like the logo, they shouldn’t just say “oh it took 25 seconds to make.” Because that’s not the problem.

I’ll tell you the problem with this logo. It got a little over-designed. The forms are great. The word BIG and the letters IG forming 10. Very clever. But they should have just kept it to one color. The multiple colors crap it up and make it confusing. People don’t like to be confused. When I first saw this logo, I thought it said. B, IG. or B, 10. It should simply read BIG, one color. And then you can see the 10 in there.

What do you think of the new Big Ten logo?

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Andre Alforque
13 years ago

Looks like BlG to me (that’s an L in the middle). To me it looks like someone with a huge ego made this logo; like they’re slapping a BIG DICK in my face. It comes off as pretentious.

Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Looks like BIG to me. There are other fonts where the G could look more like an O. It doesn’t help that the negative space in the B and the O (as in B.O. as in Wow Does This Logo STINK!) are rectangular. Not sure I understand the color choices either. My logo design prof in college would give this logo a C-. I have no doubt about that

13 years ago

meh. it’s alright. Kerning is too tight.

13 years ago

If they just use the B1G logo I guess it will be OK. The full logo with Big Ten is not very appealing though in my opinion. If they’d have used a darker blue it would have been better. That said, I’ll live with the logo and even the divisions names (which are worse than logo in my opinion), but please switch the divisions so Ohio State and Michigan are together and Wisconsin isn’t on an island.

Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

I love it when it comes to whipping out the ol’ Magnum 44. Mine is always at the ready

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