What book you have read that has had the biggest impact on your life and why?

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What a great question! There are multiple areas of my life that I’d like to use to address this question. I have a hard time picking just one book.




Spiritually and overall approach to life:

  • The Bible

    Hands down. Ok, if we want to get more specific. The Psalms: English Standard Version It’s a small travel version I always keep in my bag for reading on the train. It’s my most marked-up book. Although really, Daniel rocked me in terms of getting excited for the end times.


  • The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

    An amazing book that holds much truth about trends. A close one to this is Seth Godin’s Tribes. I can’t put it in the top spot, because I’m currently reading it, and hasn’t been time-tested like the Tipping Point for me, which I read eight years ago.

Love of comics:

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Artistically: The Art Book by Phaidon Inc Trivia-wise: The Guinness Book of World Records Relationships: The Multi-Orga**** Man Spiritually and overall approach to life: Planetary Citizenship: Your Values, Beliefs, and Actions Can Shape a Sustainable World, by Daisaku Ikeda Society: The Lexus and The Olive Tree, Thomas Friedman Love of comics: The Complete Calvin & Hobbes

Chris Koira
Chris Koira
14 years ago

Jack Hamm’s book came to prominence first at high school when I was dragged to the school library to be shown the book by a teacher that objected to my numerous caricatures of the staff. I was accused of copying (that plaig….word) but stammered by innocence (I just drew them, never saw the book) I failed at communication and got the strap anyway. So I vowed to learn communication skills and stick it right up them… Second instance was many years later in the Army when I was in charge of a Draughting Office and Virtual and Media Aids department. I had a library of some wierd stuff and lo and behold, Jack Hamms book was filed under counter espionage and intelligence, cross reference with silhouette interpretations for intellingence spotters….huh? Anyway, I did the exact same as you and it now resides in induvidual clear plastic envelopes in a red four ring binder, I have used several images as “clip-art” over the journey into print and graphics projects later on. Especially retro themes. Cheers.

14 years ago

My lover and I read 5 Love Languages early in our relationship and I think it really helped us realize how to show our love in a way the other person appreciates. We still use the expression “fill your love bucket!” We’re in year 11, btw. I’ve loaned this book to friends and have explained it to clients (I’m a social worker).

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