What is your eclectic score?

What is your eclectic score?

Take the 20 musicians you listen to the most. How different are they? You can compute your electic score with the eclectic test. Oh, and you have to use last.fm. My eclectic score is currently 93/100, meaning my musical preferences are very diverse.

Here’s my friends who regularly use last.fm and their scores:

98: rlindquist

96: wesn881

95: astrolabe1976

95: burningcan

93: srhbth

93: spudart

90: eringail

88: xifisparx

87: rule29

Everyone has eclectic taste!

Find interesting stats on your music listening. It’s totally easy and free. Sign up at last.fm, and download the audio scrobbler. Everytime you open iTunes, it will keep track of what you play. If there are times you don’t want it to track your music, simply close the audio scrobbler application. You can even keep track of what you listen to on your iPod and iPhone.

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12 years ago

I like lists that I’m on! I don’t think my music listening is very eclectic though.

12 years ago

This list… right here.. that I’m commenting on. That I’m #8 on.

Erin Ellis
12 years ago

evidently, i scored a 90… is that an A? it was when i was a kid. it might be a B now. hmph.

12 years ago

@spudart – if you’re going to use pandora, check out “pandora.fm” at http://pandorafm.real-ity.com/login.php It’s a mashup of pandora and last.fm. Opens pandora in a frame and then scrobbles what you’re listening to to last.fm

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