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Finland stamps are the cutest stamps in the world

Finland’s stamps feature the cutest illustrations and photos. Cartoon hippos camping, animals dancing around a Christmas tree, funky shaped stamps, raspberry delights, snow dogs. C’mon you can’t beat that. This is going to make me a collector of Finnish stamps.

A great big thanks to Greatscott66 for posting these. He posts fun stamps that he gets via postcrossing.

Stamp from FI-457383

Finland’s stamps rock! A hippo flipping pancakes!

Stamp from FI-434376

Two squirrels, a hedgehog and a rabbit all celebrating Christmas!

Stamps from FI-461234

Are those stamps on the far left? Too cool.

Thank-you stamps from Finland

Stamps in the shape of clouds? Finland, you rock it once again.

Stamp from FI-450981

What is this? Some sort of Finnish raspberry delight?

Stamps from FI-447117

Seeing all these fun Finland stamps makes me want to become a collector of Finnish stamps.

Stamps from FI-467406

awww how cute! A doggie stamp! Yay Finland!

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5 comments on "Finland stamps are the cutest stamps in the world"

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Tom Saaristo

Those are too cute! I wonder how Greatscott gets so many postcards from Finland!?


These are so cute! And not to mention nostalgic. They remind me of children’s story books. So completly adorable!


That’s not a hippo – that’s a Moomin! One of Finland’s most beloved exports. They are the creation of Tove Janson.