Tracking postal spammers

Whenever I sign up to get something in the mail for free, I like make up a middle name that is related to the product. For instance, Oscar Meyer is giving away coupons for free hot dogs. I used the name “Matt Hotdiggity Maldre” to register.

And then it’s fun getting mail addressed to the goofy middle name.

Another trick is to eliminate the space between the middle name and the first name. When i signed up for the free hot dogs, I should have used “Matthotdiggity Maldre.” I’ve found that sometimes people delete the middle name.

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You should have tested how long the name field was with “MyBolognaHasAFirstName-OSCAR”

Tom Saaristo

I got my coupon for free hot dogs the other day! Woulda shoulda coulda used your trick!


Got my free hot dog coupon as well. I think it must have been something on Facebook, IIRC….

Tom Saaristo

I was passing the link around to folks when the offer first broke. I got it from the Chicago Tribune website. I just went to the Kraft website and the free dogs promo is OVAH!


Thanks for the tip on changing your first name instead of adding a middle name. I never thought of that. Currently I receive a magazine subscription being sent to Erik Optimus Prime Maldre. Two middle names! I signed up my wife for a magazine a couple months ago with the middle name of HotMomma.