Postage stamps and mail

August 2012 new stamps in Maldre post office

Cherry Blossoms, choreographs, and bicycling joins the great selection of stamps that the Maldre post office offers. Need a unique stamp for a unique situation? I have over 30 different stamps at my desk.

Fun mail drop-off boxes

I would like to make a goal to always have pre-stamped postcards with me at all times. If i come across a cool-looking mail drop-off box, I can use that box. And then I could take a photo of that drop-off box with my phone, and immediately mail a photo of the mailbox to the …

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Finland stamps are the cutest stamps in the world

Finland’s stamps feature the cutest illustrations and photos. Cartoon hippos camping, animals dancing around a Christmas tree, funky shaped stamps, raspberry delights, snow dogs. C’mon you can’t beat that. This is going to make me a collector of Finnish stamps. A great big thanks to Greatscott66 for posting these. He posts fun stamps that he …

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New stamps in the Maldre postal store on 14th floor of the Tribune Tower

In addition to such stamp greats like 50s cars, Yoda, and Hawaii; the Maldre stamp store now has new stamps available. And there is also measuring scale available to weigh your letters. Letters: 0 – 1 ounce: $0.44 1.01 – 2 ounces $0.61 2.01 – 3 ounces $0.78 3.01 ‚Äì 3.5 ounces: $0.95 Large Envelopes: …

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Tracking postal spammers

Whenever I sign up to get something in the mail for free, I like make up a middle name that is related to the product. For instance, Oscar Meyer is giving away coupons for free hot dogs. I used the name “Matt Hotdiggity Maldre” to register. And then it’s fun getting mail addressed to the …

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Rising cost of United States Postage

Rising cost of U.S. Postage Stamps

Here’s a line graph showing the historic trend of the first class postage stamp rate increase since 1945. It seems like stamps are rising in cost so much lately. But it’s really been a historic trend since the beginning of the 1970s. That decade saw the cost of stamps have turned the sharp spike upward, …

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