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Review of the Picasso show: “meh, ok”

The Art Institute sent me an email promoting their Picasso show. Hmmm, they must have missed my review of the Picasso show. They could have included my quote on their ad. “Meh, ok” –Matt Maldre, But seriously, I think as I go to the show more, I will enjoy it more. For instance, Lynn […]

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Lots of people at the Smart Museum of Art

The best way to experience a museum exhibit

A new museum exhibition is up. You trot on down to the museum to check out the show. When walking through the exhibition, do you walk slowly observing the photos and artwork? Maybe read a couple captions. And then by the time you are done, you are so exhausted, the thought of going through the […]

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Let the tape give me more meaning

Five fun ways to wrap a giant political statue with plastic and masking tape

The Art Institute is wrapping up Thomas Sch√ºtte’s large statue, “Vater Staat.” They should do something creative with the masking tape. Let’s make some suggestions to the Art Institute of Chicago on how to better apply the masking tape. To come up with ideas on how to apply the masking tape, let’s first learn about […]

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