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My brother and I have commented so much on a particular photo on the Art Institute’s Flickr account, that it is now their #1 most commented photo.

The most commented photo on the Art Institute of Chicago's Flickr account

I encourage you to leave a fun comment on this photo of people in skinny jeans standing around the free candy pile of artwork by Félix González-Torres.

For archival purposes, here are the comments:

Matt Maldre
Hey man. Look at us wearing our skinny jeans around Félix González-Torres’ “Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.).”

Matt Maldre
I bet they are talking about how this is a work of uncompromising beauty and simplicity, transforming the everyday into profound meditations on love and loss.
Source: www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/152961

Erik Maldre
Perhaps they are contemplating those notions of love and loss while consuming the candy. Alas, we will never know for we only see their legs and not their mouths and hands for which they would use to consume the candy.

Matt Maldre
Oddly enough none of them are facing the artwork for them to discuss it. Instead they are facing each other. Perhaps they are unaware of how the the diminishing pile parallels the artist’s weight loss and suffering prior to his death. If the pile is ignored and not diminished, does the artwork lose potency, therefore deminishing the deminishment of the pile so central to its meaning?

Erik Maldre
so many unanswered questions in this intriguing photo. And why green shoelaces? Sheer madness I tell you.

Matt Maldre
The green shoelaces are strongly desiring a piece of candy. You can tell by the way they draped over the shoe. it’s as though they are saying, “i’m dying for some Félix González-Torres candy. The other shoes are oddly dismissive of such desires.

Diamond Farah
…What on earth!?
I like those Tigers that kid has on.
this photo is silly, matttttt.

Don’t mess with the hipsters. They’ve been flinging candy wrappers all day; ready to pounce on you if you look at them wrong.

Matt Maldre 
Do you think there’s a little creature living under the pile of candy? I like to think there’s a candy gremlin hiding.

Makes me want to go out and buy some skinny jeans and eat some candy. Oh! And green shoe laces! I’m lovin the green shoe laces!

Leigh Hanlon
These hipsters are excited about the exhibition in the next room, where several hundred uninflated toy balloons have been deposited on the floor. Spray-painted on the wall is the name “Anna Nicole Smith.”

Visitors are invited to take a balloon and blow it up to match Ms. Smith’s bust measurement. At the end of the day, Art Institute staff will determine who came closest — and award the lucky winner 5 percent off any book in the gift shop that weighs 35 pounds or more.

Erik Maldre
Why the old lady candy? Who eats old lady candy? If Félix González-Torres wanted people to take the candy, then they should be Milky Way bars and not old lady candy.

Matt Maldre
@chi_cowboy: wow! what an elaborate idea.

@unlikelymoose: If they were Milky Way bars, the pile would disappear instantaneously.

What would happen if viewers ADDED to this pile? I’m gonna bring some colorfully wrapped PURPLE dark chocolate Hershey Kisses.

Cathi Stahl
Wooooo skinny jeans… I miss them. I will buy not one, but two pairs… with just the perfect length as these show… anyone in for shopping?

Cathi Stahl
I am buying unlikelymoose milkyway bars and having them properly transported back to Chicago in honor of skinny jeans.

They are too busy looking at the empty bags now stuck on canvas and being sold as art. (secretly they are thinking to themselves, damm I wish I wore the baggy jeans today to take some of this candy home….)

Erik Maldre
i think the more comments that people leave on this photo, the skinnier the legs of middle person become.

Matt Maldre
Would the security guards get upset if I put some fun-sized Snickers on that pile of candy?

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